Weekly Beauty Picks #1


My top beauty picks at the moment are these lovely products, Schwarzkopf (wow that’s hard to spell) Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo, with a picture of Claudia Schiffer’s face on it and MAC’S tinted Lipglass, in the colour C-THRU.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Schwarzkopf, I like the got2b range and when I used to colour my hair myself I’d only ever us LIVE XXL. So why do I love this shampoo so much? I don’t know what it is but when you rub it in to your hair it just feels lovely and when I’ve blow-dried it after using this range, it always feels so full of volume! It smells delicious too! According to the website it has a unique combination of pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin. One thing I found very interesting when looking at their website and don’t laugh at me if you think I should know this already but did you know pearls are the only gem created from a living organism? They come from a tiny grain of sand penetrating an oyster core and as a defence mechanism the oyster produces layers and layers of mother pearl… well every day’s a school day! They also do this shampoo in other ranges, there’s a blonde one which I’ve tried, but I still prefer how this one makes my hair look and feel! The shampoo is around £5 however often I’ve bought them on offer. The stockists according to the website are Asda, Waitrose and Superdrug, I’m sure I’ve bought it from Tesco before but that is what the website says!

Ooh and I just love Claudia’s top tip on the back of the bottle…. I’m confused… is that a tip?


If you want to find out more about the range, check the website out below.


So… favourite product number 2! We all know what a big fan I am of MAC products and here’s one of favourites at the mo! MAC lipglass’s are loveeeeely! They smell absolutely delicious and feel so lush on your lips. There’s quite a range of colour’s they come in… I want them all! Currently my fav is pictured above (C-THRU) I love a nude lip! You can wear them over lip pencil, lipstick or just on their own, I would make sure your lips are primed before you pop it on for a perfectly smooth look. It lasts a fair time and is really pigmented and contains Jojoba Oil which helps soften and condition your lips. On MAC’s official website the cost is £14.50, you can also buy the product at various MAC stores and make up counters in department stores and airports! Here’s a pic of me wearing C-THRU



Here’s a few of my new purchases too



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