Smoking: Giving Up And Keeping It That Way


Today’s post Is about those evil Nicotine filled addictive Cancer/COPD/Emphasyma sticks.

I loved smoking! Or did I? Was my body just fooling me into thinking It was great, was It really just the addiction talking? Did the addiction make me associate good times with smoking? That 5 minutes away from the world where I could peacefully have a cigarette, relax and reflect on things. That social time where you would get all the gossip with the other smokers. The random conversations with strangers In a pub garden shelter whilst you freeze your butt off in the winter as all your non smoker friends sit In the warmth and enjoy each others company. That cigarette which tastes so good as you sip on your alcoholic beverage. These are the things which pop into my mind when I start craving one…

Then I think about It seriously…. do I really want one? The smell…. why did I think nobody could smell It If I sprayed a load of perfume and had a mint! I used to think my dad had an amazing sense of smell when he commented on how I smelt hours after having a cigarette…. nope he was just like most non smokers who can breathe and smell well, it stinks! When you smoke you just don’t seem to smell It, now I don’t like to be around the smell because I don’t want It to stick to my clothes. I think to myself I’ve worked hard not to smell like that…. please bugger off with your gross smelling smoke!

The cough… the phlegm with streaks of black, I haven’t had one of those awkward moments since stopping where you know you’re going to have a coughing fit in a quiet environment or mid conversation, trying so hard not to start coughing until you wretch!

The tiredness, the short time It would take me to get out of breath. The dullness to my skin, the yellow stain to my teeth, the way It completely takes over your life and everything has to fit in around with your routine of having a cigarette, the list goes on…..

All those movie stars that made smoking glamorous , I think today’s children are finally learning, smoking was never and will never ‘be cool’… and jeez, how anyone can afford It I’ll never know!

So when I get a craving… even after 8 months on, this Is what goes through my mind and I remember… It’s an addiction, I don’t miss It, they were killing me and probably have already done alot of damage!

Now I am one of the worst… the ex smoker, even more annoying than a non smoker, I understand It’s very hard to give up and you have to be determined and strong willed, but I also know It’s not impossible and nearly everyday I see the effects of what smoking can do to you long term.

So have you given up? Or do you want to? Or do you not want to? Or have you never smoked?

I used nicotine patches and cut down the dose over 3 months, what worked for you? Or what hasn’t? And why hasn’t it?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Permanant Make Up – Lips

So it seems I can’t say no to a freebie! After having my eyeliner tattooed not long ago, I swore I’d never do anything like that again and now I’m sitting here the morning after the night before with tingly lips and a kendall Jenner pout, shouting at myself to not pick the scabs which have appeared all ready!  Oh and I really want a cup of tea but I have to drink from a straw and tea through a straw just doesn’t taste the same! I also couldn’t face dinner last night so HAD to eat Malteasers  so I didn’t starve to death ;p.

I was going to the Nouveau Training Academy for my tattoo! The trainees would be doing my treatment, which is quite scary, however I was hoping they’d be confident, then I will be! Their website is here if you’re interested in training or becoming a model.

Before Treatment, 1pm

An hour before my treatment It was time to pop on the numbing the cream the Nouveau Training clinic sent me, this then had to be applied every 15 minutes prior to the tattoo! I also took a few sneaky painkillers which would hopefully kick in by the time the treatment started!


Treatment Time, 2pm

Now I knew this was going to hurt, I’d heard it hurts way more than having your eyeliner done but I’m sure It won’t be as terrifying as staring at a needle millimeters from my iris! I was welcomed into the clinic where I was met by one of the trainers who popped more numbing cream on me and placed a sheet of plasticy stuff which makes the lips warm and helps the cream to work more effectively apparently!

The trainee then introduced herself and matched my lip colour to their colours to create a base. She then asked me if I wanted to change  the shape of my lips or just enhance them, to which I replied I wanted to enhance them. I quite like the shape of my top lip, my bottom one Isn’t quite as defined though. Whilst analysing my lips the trainer noticed 2 tiny pimples just on the edge of my bottom lip… who gets that? I didn’t have any spots when I was a teenager… In my 20’s I’m covered in the evil things!!! 😦 They discussed how they couldn’t go through them so they would get as close as they could but there may be a tiny gap where the pimples are, bad timing for spots Grrr! Then it was time to dicuss the colour I wanted, I like to wear neautral shades however  they persuaded me to go for a colour as I quote ‘what’s the point in going through all that pain if you can’t notice a difference’. Thanks ladies… now I don’t feel nervous at all ;p. They also said how the colour fades significantly so picking a bright colour won’t mean it will stay bright! In the end I went for a browny reddy tone, I can’t remember the name of the tone I chose.

This treatment was for lip liner aswell as ‘blush’ (the lip colour blended throughout the lips). Years ago my mum had lip liner tattooed and she told me how painful it was so I was preparing myself for a toe curling experience.

With my lips feeling very weird it was time to start the lip liner, one of the other trainees models hadn’t turn up so I was now having 2 people working on me… not such a bad thing I didn’t think! It was time to use a pencil to outline my lips and create a guide to work with, the girls were very precise and totally ocd… which Is good to see they don’t have the ‘that will do’ attitude! I then led down and the lip liner was tattooed on.

I hate that noise! That tattoo pen is scary, it also sounds like a dentist drill! Ouchies! Yup that hurt, surely they put enough numbing cream on…jeeeeeez! Then It was on to some circle technique they kept talking about, that actually wasn’t too bad, then lastly It was what one of the trainers called ‘crazy lips’… just to put you at ease! This is where they blend all the together together and get rid of all the gaps! The girls were fab!! They were confident which put me at ease and made me feel confident they were doing a great job!

Finally they were done, towards the end of the treatment it was more painful when they wiped my lips with a wipe then the actual tattooing, I was glad it was over!

The Grand Unvailing

OH MY G…… the mirror was pointed at me as I sat up too quickly coming over a bit dizzy! Hmm actually I quite like them! They look super symmetrical, very pouty and swollen, however the swelling will come down over time and the colour is lovely!

I was really impressed with the girls professionalism and confidence and impressed by my great colour choice :p.. I was then given an after care advice sheet and some healing balm to pop on my lips 4 times a day with a cotton bud. This is the same balm I used for my eyes and it really helped, but stank of eucalyptus or whatever it was. They had added some of the colour to the balm to create a lipgloss for me which was lovely. She popped some on and off I went, feeling shaky and swollen!


Home Time

The treatment lasted over 2 hours and as I shouted (tight lipped) up to the girls and hubby, they couldn’t wait to have a look…. they had strange looks on their faces :p much like the one my daughter made when I went from dark hair to bleach blonde! I reassured them they wouldn’t look this puffy soon and the colour won’t stay so bright! The hubby kept laughing as I was finding it difficult to smile and I was so thirsty but finding it difficult to drink through a straw as it was such a strange sensation  and slightly stingy!

No Friday night glass of wine or dinner for me!


The morning after

I awoke feeling pretty much the same as last night however I could feel the scabs starting to form and they felt gross, I really want to pick them but I knew If I do the colour will come off! Haven’t had a drink yet but when I purse my lips together they still feel tingly. Looking in the mirror they look scabby around the edges and still swollen and once again the Mr is finding it amusing that I can’t laugh or smile well! I am however thinking of becoming a ventriloquist as I’m pretty good at it!

Would You Recommend It?

I really would! Be prepared for pain… which Is bearable but still be prepared and you just might think It’s not as bad as everyone says… like childbirth ;p well that was the case for me! I would say really study the portfolio of whoever Is doing your treatment and check their credentials! I would reccomened one of the Nouveau girls any day, the teaching I’ve seen was fab and the girls are so professional!

If you’ve ever had this treatment done or any other permanant make up procedure done what did you think? Or are you thinking about having it done and I’ve persuaded you… put you off? To read about my eyeliner experience have a look here.

Come back soon and I’ll upload more progress pics!

Click here for my update 10 days on 🙂




Weekly Beauty Picks #2


I’ve been on a bargain hunt this week! No high end brands for me as It’s the school holidays and we need our pennies to have fun with the girlie’s!

First up Is Maybelline’s Big Eyes Eyeliner  coming in at £4.99, great price considering you’re getting 2 products in one!

I needed another white eyeliner to brighten  up my eyes and this chunky pencil looked fab, great to pop in my handbag to brighten my eyes up throughout the day and touch up my black eyeliner! There’s plenty of product and it goes on like a dream with a soft nib and fab long lasting coverage! Loving this product!

Next up Is ST. MORIZ’S new Fast Self Tanning Mousse at a lovely price of £5.99. I’ve already told you guys about my love for this brand and have written a review and how to of their older formula but this one….. wowza!

It says it has shade control….. by this I think they mean you can control the shade by washing it off sooner or later! It says to apply the product and wait 1 to 3 hours before washing off and it really does leave you with a lovely natural tan and fades so much more evenly then their other product! I’ll definitely be using this again and again…. I’ve left It on for 8 hours and after washing it off it still looked lovely! 🙂

Finally it’s Maybelline Eyebrow Satin for £5.99. I was a bit dubious at first with this product as I normally like pencils I can sharpen however this one you have to twist but It’s a really great size nib and I have plenty of control to be precise and not draw too thickly! The other side is a pointed sponge to blend the product If needed! This Is great and doesn’t blend too much that it takes the product off like some other similar products.

It comes in 3 different shades and the medium brown perfectly matches my brows, It glides on nicely and really does last!

So there you have it lovelies, What have you tried this week? Have you tried any of these? Or will you be now?


MAC Fix+


Oh MAC, how I love your products! However I think you’re confusing people….. now I was looking for a setting spray and when researching for one, MAC’S Prep and Prime Fix+ came up often, also with bad reviews on how terrible it was at setting make up and how it doesn’t ‘Fix’ it at all!

Welllll…… I don’t think this product deserves all the bad reviews because lovelies… it’s not a setting spray! I do think the name MAC have given it is quite misleading as it doesn’t do what you assume from it’s title and fix your make up!

So what is it for?

MAC’S Official Page states:

‘A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application.’

Ahh I see, so it’s a finishing spray! Does It have any other uses?

– Yesssss! MAC’S Fix+ can be used for:

– A finishing spray to reduce any ‘cakiness’

– A refreshing spritz

– Spritz on before you apply foundation for a smooth glowing base

– Spritz on your brushes before using pigments or shadows for a more dramatic colour.

– Spritz on your brushes before applying foundation for a lighter coverage

And many more…

So do I love this product?

Yessss! It’s especially great for me as I have such dry skin at the moment and the dewy glow I get from Fix+ after doing my make up I love! Also before I do my make up I spray this on my face and it creates a perfect base for my foundation to glide on smoothly.

This product comes in a 100ml bottle at £17, a travel size bottle is also available at a reduced price.

So what do you think? Have you ever used this product? Did you like it? Do you have any other uses for it?


My #1 Fake Tan Product

I Have been Fake tanning for a loooong time, I’ve been orange and patchy and mistaken for a different race but I think I’ve finally mastered it (I’m sure some would think not)! My love affair with being tanned started with having spray tans, now I have very fair skin (secretly) so I used to look terrible, I’d always want them in the summer but by the time I’d had one, popped my clothes back on, walked to the car in the midst of the summer heat, driven home, went to bed and woken up to have a shower excited for my results……. half of it wouldn’t have taken, as it had been rubbed off and the other half that had, looked like dirt and usually resided on my feet or other areas… and yes I exfoliated and moisturised the night before blah blah blah… So I think we can establish why I stopped standing in a booth naked with a dinner lady hat on being sprayed by a pretty beauty therapist.

Next my love for Sun Beds came alive…. I found them so relaxing and quite often would nod off and be rudely awoken as the warm tubular lamps turned off suddenly. Sunbeds however dried my skin out so badly, no matter how much I moisturised and I gained a mole……. which luckily was nothing to worry about… but it scared me in to stopping using them!

Next It was time to try mist spray myself…but what a mess they were!! Finally I tried fake tan mousse, from £25 bottles to £3 bottles…. but no matter which ones I tried…. St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, one of the cheapest products out there, always came out on top!


I have seen this product as cheap as £2.75  in some shops, here’s a link to buy it from Boots for £4.99. It comes in two different shades, Medium and Dark, I can’t say there’s much of a difference between shades but obviously the fairer your skin is the lighter the shade you should use for a more natural result!

Now after years of using this mousse I’ll tell you how I get the best results!


Step One-Prep

Exfoliate and shave in the shower/bath, the results are sooo much better if you prep your skin beforehand. Next I rub Vaseline into my knees, ankles, toes, elbows, wrists and knuckles, this stops it drying darker on the dryer areas. Now I use a moisturiser all over (whilst wearing gloves)… for extra colour I use one with a gradual tanning in it too 😉

Step Two- Slap It On

I usually pop a tiny bit more Vaseline in those dry areas again, then using a Mit over the top of gloves I quickly sweep the tan all over my body, except the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet obviously 😉 It is so important to use a mit, without this it looks patchy and uneven, also don’t press too hard with the mit, you want the product to look natural. Soooo…. what about that awkward triangle in the middle of your back your wondering??

Now I’m pretty sure they’ve invented a device to help you out now but I don’t to buy one because…


That’s right…. I have a spatula…. and loom bands!!! Talk about good improvisation! I just pop the mit on it and secure it with loom bands my daughter made me…. because I had no rubber bands! And Viola! Don’t worry I don’t use it for food anymore!! 🙂

Now why do I love St Moriz over other fake tan products?

It is instant!

It lasts longer and fades evenly then most I’ve used!

It isn’t orange!

It’s cheap!


So what’s your favourite fake tan product? Or if you’ve used this one… what do you think?

(I have not been sponsored to write about this product)


How To: Daytime Smokey Eyes


It’s no secret how much I love a brown smokey eye with liquid eyeliner, however so many struggle with the precision eyeliner flick I’ve decided to show you a smudgy smokey look with a kohl pencil. This look can be worn for day or night and is sooo easy 🙂

First I use a primer on my lids, I am loving NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base for £19.50… your eye make up does not go anywhere with this stuff 😯 a.m.a.z.i.n.g! !! Of course there are cheaper alternatives out there like Rimmel’s Under Cover shadow primer for £4.99.


Next it’s time for a light coloured eyeshadow along the brow bone and a darker brown on the lids as a transition colour.


Now draw your eyeliner on with a kohl eyeliner pencil, this can be black or brown. (Tip: warm the tip of the pencil up by rubbing it on your hand before applying to the eye.. clean hands of course ;p). This line does not have to be neat as now it’s time to blend. Load a small eye shadow brush with an even darker shade of brown and smudge the eyeliner upwards, when the line isn’t prominent, use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner together creating a smokey eye look. Don’t forget to pop a little under the eyes too!

Here are the colours I’ve used from my MAC Amber Times Nine Palette . You can obviously use any 3 colours however for a day look or the more mature skin I’d recommend a matte shadow. I absolutely love this palette, all of MAC’S eyeshadows are so pigmented they are fabulous!!!


Now it’s time for lashings of mascara… This one from Maxfactor is my favourite everyday one at the mo! Hope you have a go lovelies, What do you think of this look?




Watch my first YouTube Video on how to create a day time smokey eye look…


How To: Ombré Lips


According to Oxford Dictionaries ombré is defined as:

‘having tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.’
“a blue and white ombré silk shift”
French, past participle of ombrer ‘to shade’.
We’ve had Ombré Hair, Nails and now Lips! I’ve seen this trend all over Instagram and just had to try it myself, it’s so much more flattering than the traditional lined lips. The darker shades add definition and as the colour is blended out it creates the illusion of fuller lips. It was actually really hard to photograph and show the illusion as it really did just look as if the light was reflecting off, however the bigger the contrast between colours the more prominent the look is!
Step 1- Prep
If you have chapped lips I’d recommend buffing them before applying any lipstick for a flawless look! You can lightly scrub them with a toothbrush or use a lip scrub to brush off the dead skin, like Lush’s Bubblegum one here. Next it’s time to moisturise your lips, I’ve used good old Vaseline , a product EVERYONE should have in their make up kit or you could use a base like MAC’s PREP+PRIME LIPS  then with a light brush of powder, to really make the colour pop it’s time to get colourful!
Step 2- Lip Liner
When choosing the look you want I would recommend 2 versions of a similar colour however one dark shade and one light. For example Dark and Light Pink, Dark Green and Light Purple… not so much ;).
I start how I usually would line the lips traditionally, then I blend inwards with the pencil positioned on it’s side. Darker on the outside and minimal towards the middle of the lips.
With your finger, gently pat and smudge the colour closest to the inside of your lips to make the lines less harsh.
Step 3- Ombré Blend
I have chosen Maxfactors Lipstick in ‘Star Dust Pink’, using a lip brush I have blended the colour from the outside in trying not to get too much of the lip liner colour on the inner part of my lips.
So here you have it, I have rubbed my lips together once or twice and I haven’t, but you could finish off with a coat of clear Lipgloss and you’re done 🙂 This is quite a subtle version of the look but you can be as bold as you like.
Have you tried this look? Or will you now?