Permanent Cosmetics: Eyebrows

So far I have had a few permanent cosmetic procedures and if you haven’t already read them you must…. here… eyeliner and Lip Blush.

Today I had the one treatment I’ve wanted for a long time and that was brows! I’ve always had quite sparse brows and over time have over plucked them and they are veeeery wonky! So everyday I draw them on…. why you say? Because brows really define your face and can make you look fabulous….. however they can also make you look veeeery weird if you get them wrong! So to save me getting them wrong when I’m in a rush for work one morning I’ve decided to put my trust in the trainees at Nouveau Training Academy.

The ladies there are always so professional and today was no exception! First of all I had to wipe all that make up off of my brows for them to slap a load of numbing cream on… lovvvvely 😄, then it was time to go through the pages and pages of consent and medical forms! Next the technician mixed up a suitable colour of pigment.. hence the reason why in my before pics I have to dots on my forehead, they really take their time to find a suitable shade. Then with a funny looking pencil the lady drew on my brows to get the desired shape, she was very precise and used some crazy looking ruler to measure them equally. She asked if I was happy with the shape, which I was, then it was time for paiiiiin….or maybe not…


I couldn’t belive it….. no pain at all! When I had my eyeliner done the pain was awful and my lips were only just bearable but my brows…. I was struggling to stay awake whilst she did them! She used a 3 sloped needle and a singular needle to drawer on tiny hair line strokes, I was shown them half way through and really amazed at how realistic the brush strokes were! The treatment took approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and here are the results (excuse my terrible eye makeup)…


They are slightly sore after having the treatment done, but nothing a bit of paracetemol can’t help, I’m super pleased with them and as usual the clinic has done an awesome jobs to train it’s technicians! I now have to apply the soothing balm 4 times a day and not get them wet for 4 days! At about 4 weeks prior to treatment I need to go in for a retouch just incase any of the tattoo flakes off and then the colour will fade over time and I might need a touch up within a year!

So have you any of you guys had this treatment done and if not would you/ have you considered it?

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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