Home Hair Dye: I Broke My Promise



Since my worst hair year in history (2013), changing my hair colour approx 25 times to acheive an unobtainable blonde colour, having hair like straw which snapped off and melted when I blow dryed it…. I promised to never dye my hair again and to only ever go to the hairdressers.

Well……. I just couldn’t afford it this month and spending £100 ‘s on highlights just doesn’t seem worth it when my hair grows so quickly the roots show the day after having it done! But I desperately wanted to get rid of the dark.. (and grey ssssshhh) roots which look terrible!! I was tempted to go back to dark and just be done with it, but if you’ve gone from dark to light you’ll know…. it’s kind of addictive and if I went dark and regretted it, it’s no easy transistion to go back to blonde again!

I popped off to the shops, nervous but excited. I had decided to go for a light brown colour or ‘Natural Medium Blonde’ as the pack calls it. I thought if I did my roots that colour and tried to blend it through to the blonder tips I can create a ombre type affect.. or maybe just a patchy orange and blonde mess… but I was optimistic!


I had chosen to use L’Oréal’s Prodigy range in the colour Dune 8.0. I have never used this range before, I used to love and still recommend the Schwarzkopf Live range for their vivid results, however they didn’t have the shade I was after!


Off I went, after doing the recommended patch test 😉 I placed the dye all over my roots and left for 20 minutes, then for the remaining 10 minutes and spread the dye to the rest of my hair, not covering liberally as I didn’t want all the blonde to be covered. The thing I really noticed about this dye was there was no strong smell which made my eyes water and my scalp didn’t  become even the teeniest bit itchy, so nervously I awaited my fate….2015-09-02_18.33.03

Now I don’t know about you but I think for £7 it doesn’t look too bad!! The highlights and roots have blended in nicely.. I won’t be a hairdresser any time soon but as long as you don’t home dye your hair 25 times a year and you don’t try and go drastically dark to light yourself, dying your hair yourself doesn’t can actually work!

I was really pleased with the product and would give it an 8/10… purely because it didn’t do what it said and covered all greys! Now I just need it cut… don’t worry I won’t be attempted that myself 😉

Have you had any home hair disasters/wins? Or do you only ever let the pros dye your hair?

Thanks for reading 🙂


12 thoughts on “Home Hair Dye: I Broke My Promise

  1. I honestly think it looked fab before you dyed it. The trouble with home kits is the colour is usually so flat and monotone. Grey hair is a bugger to cover and really needs to be done professionally I think. But, for £7, I guess you can’t complain too much.

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  2. I home died my hair from mousey Brown to bright red with the schwarzkoft live range and it worked amazingly. As you said vivid, stand out. I loved it. Until it ruined like every towel I owned bleeding out of my hair. Then came the inevitable ‘stripping’ to get rid… that stuff was going nowhere. Ended up growing it out and looking like a blonde squirrel for 6 months.
    Despite that experience I’m a big fan of a home dye though. (I love the look of the bronde range recently released). I like the gamble and the danger!! Plus it’s a total opportunity for some good old female bonding (interspersed with copious amounts of wine)!
    Love it on you… little bargain hunter 😉

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  3. Hair dyeing is so addictive, I went through a few years of dyeing mine constantly, I went from black to peroxide and that took years to fix. I am naturally blonde but very dark and mousey, now I just stick to highlights! I really love the L’Oréal preference glam highlights, they tailor their highlighting shades for all hair colours which is great.

    Your hair looks lovely, I like the subtle ombre effect.

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  4. Your hair looks beautiful. My teenage daughter tried to balayage my hair a few weeks ago (she has a Saturday job in a hairdressers) and I ended up having to dye my hair for the first time in years as it was a disaster!

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