Motivation Monday: Lifestyle Change Needed!

Since giving up smoking (read my last post here), as expected I put on weight and now I’m not feeling great! But I know if I go on a quick fix diet, yes i’ll lose the weight and i’ll feel good for a while but then i’ll stop the diet and… oh how strange, the weight goes straight back on! So this time i’m going to make the decision to change my lifestyle, this will not stop when I reach a certain weight etc, I’m talking long term. I’m going to watch what I eat and exercise more. Simple ;).

Here are a few aids I’m going to use on my journey:

My Fitness Pal

Whilst I am not going to set un realistic goals I am going to use this app to calorie count because when I use It I am so surprised at how many calories I consume and I very quickly came to realise exactly why I am putting on weight! It really Is a fantastic app to keep track of your exercise and diet with so many fab features! I especially like how when doing your food diary you can scan a product and use the exact nutritional information to accurately record what you are eating. This app really helps you to eat smartly!

S. Health

Now this app actually came with my Samsung phone and I just happen to come across it! There are similar ones out there but I love how simple yet effective it is. I use it as a pedometer, It is very accurate and shows the distance and calories burnt as well as steps! The only down side is I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, not an easy phone to keep in my pocket constantly, so I’ve been looking into getting one of those watches however for now i’ll be using the app!

Nutri Bullet


Now I promised myself this wouldn’t become a kitchen appliance which ends up in a cupboard forgotten about… well it wasn’t, it was forgotten about on top of the fridge instead! But don’t worry I’ve got it back down and that’s where it’s staying! Although a pricey £99 it really is worth it in my eyes! I hadn’t bought anything especially to use it this morning I just used what was in the fridge, for a breakfast drink this morning which really did fill me up I had: strawberries, an orange, oats, almond milk, delissssh!


There are sooo many recipes for smoothies, soups and dressings and the manual it comes with has some fab ones too! Have a look on Instagram and Pintrest, this is where I get my inspiration from!

Of course I am going to exercise more too, I love to ride to work and Les Mills classes are my favourite, I am not one to be self motivated in the gym, exercise classes are brilliant for me as I don’t give up when they get tough!

So what apps or tips do you recommend for a healthy lifestyle? Do you have any Nutri Bullet or any healthy meal recipes to share?

26 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Lifestyle Change Needed!

  1. This is great that you made the decision to get healthy, rather than a fad diet. That is what I have been doing and I’ve lost 25 pounds so far. I keep track of my calories and try to work out as much as possible, which turns out to be 3 or 4 days a week.

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  2. 3 WORDS: Determination, Drive, DO it!

    Im not much of a fan of all these fitness thing-a-ma-giggy… but just like everyone else who owns a Galaxy phone, my Note3 came with a built in Pedometer and i guess it works both ways. Good = when i exceeded 10,000 step mark and proud with myself and BAD = feeling like a sloth when i do below 5,000 steps! but hey cest la vie!=)

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  3. Congratulations on quitting. That’s exactly how I felt when I quit 7 years ago. What I did was change my lifestyle, too. The Nutribullet looks nice and I want one of those.

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