Smoking: Giving Up And Keeping It That Way


Today’s post Is about those evil Nicotine filled addictive Cancer/COPD/Emphasyma sticks.

I loved smoking! Or did I? Was my body just fooling me into thinking It was great, was It really just the addiction talking? Did the addiction make me associate good times with smoking? That 5 minutes away from the world where I could peacefully have a cigarette, relax and reflect on things. That social time where you would get all the gossip with the other smokers. The random conversations with strangers In a pub garden shelter whilst you freeze your butt off in the winter as all your non smoker friends sit In the warmth and enjoy each others company. That cigarette which tastes so good as you sip on your alcoholic beverage. These are the things which pop into my mind when I start craving one…

Then I think about It seriously…. do I really want one? The smell…. why did I think nobody could smell It If I sprayed a load of perfume and had a mint! I used to think my dad had an amazing sense of smell when he commented on how I smelt hours after having a cigarette…. nope he was just like most non smokers who can breathe and smell well, it stinks! When you smoke you just don’t seem to smell It, now I don’t like to be around the smell because I don’t want It to stick to my clothes. I think to myself I’ve worked hard not to smell like that…. please bugger off with your gross smelling smoke!

The cough… the phlegm with streaks of black, I haven’t had one of those awkward moments since stopping where you know you’re going to have a coughing fit in a quiet environment or mid conversation, trying so hard not to start coughing until you wretch!

The tiredness, the short time It would take me to get out of breath. The dullness to my skin, the yellow stain to my teeth, the way It completely takes over your life and everything has to fit in around with your routine of having a cigarette, the list goes on…..

All those movie stars that made smoking glamorous , I think today’s children are finally learning, smoking was never and will never ‘be cool’… and jeez, how anyone can afford It I’ll never know!

So when I get a craving… even after 8 months on, this Is what goes through my mind and I remember… It’s an addiction, I don’t miss It, they were killing me and probably have already done alot of damage!

Now I am one of the worst… the ex smoker, even more annoying than a non smoker, I understand It’s very hard to give up and you have to be determined and strong willed, but I also know It’s not impossible and nearly everyday I see the effects of what smoking can do to you long term.

So have you given up? Or do you want to? Or do you not want to? Or have you never smoked?

I used nicotine patches and cut down the dose over 3 months, what worked for you? Or what hasn’t? And why hasn’t it?

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Smoking: Giving Up And Keeping It That Way

  1. I quit smoking twice. Both times it was because of pregnancy. After the first time I quit I had cravings for the whole time and would only smoke when I was having a drink. I found I was having a drink so I could justify a cigarette! Then, the second time I quit was because something finally twigged in my brain about how disgusting smoking was and how bad it was for my health. I just quit. I’ve never had a craving since and I quit 9 years ago! Good luck – it does get easier with time.

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    1. Excellent! It is getting easier slowly, I didn’t think I’d still be craving after 8 months but they have definitely lessened! I also gave up during pregnancy and stupidly started again, that time it was as if I was still a smoker and I knew I was going to start again! Very silly x


  2. That is a great post and very well done you as I know how hard it is , cuz my dad is a chain smoker and I have tried and tried and failed to keep him off it .. I guess it’s not easy at all but yes we must try …thanks for sharing x

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  3. Congratulations! I quit 30 years ago and still sometimes want to reach for a cigarette when I’m doing stressful paperwork. I didn’t smoke for THAT many years. I don’t want a cigarette really, it’s just something my brain goes to.

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  4. While I have never been into smoking. I am a completely addicted caffeine addict. To the point where I am nauseated if I don’t get it in a day. And I am getting worse with alcohol-not that I am physically addicted, but that anytime I am bored I’m like, “well husband, lets start drinking, that solves our boredom”…because we had to move to super boring South Dakota where there is nothing to do.

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  5. My grandpa passed away when I was about 11. He smoke almost his entire adult life. He tried and tried to quite. Even when he was dying in the hospital he had to go out and have a smoke. After that I could see how it’s a true addiction that takes you over. I swore to never try it ever.

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  6. I was an ex smoker, so I can relate to everything that you said. I would always try to mask the smell with perfume, and thought people were crazy when they smelled the smoke on me. Only when I stopped I realized what they were smelling. Congrats on quitting!

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  7. Thank you for this post. I’m not a smoker but my boyfriend is. I can’t stand it. He tried to quite at the beginning of this year but failed. I’ve noticed everything you’ve mentioned in him. I hope one day he will be strong like you are!

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