Weekly Beauty Picks #2


I’ve been on a bargain hunt this week! No high end brands for me as It’s the school holidays and we need our pennies to have fun with the girlie’s!

First up Is Maybelline’s Big Eyes Eyeliner  coming in at £4.99, great price considering you’re getting 2 products in one!

I needed another white eyeliner to brighten  up my eyes and this chunky pencil looked fab, great to pop in my handbag to brighten my eyes up throughout the day and touch up my black eyeliner! There’s plenty of product and it goes on like a dream with a soft nib and fab long lasting coverage! Loving this product!

Next up Is ST. MORIZ’S new Fast Self Tanning Mousse at a lovely price of £5.99. I’ve already told you guys about my love for this brand and have written a review and how to of their older formula but this one….. wowza!

It says it has shade control….. by this I think they mean you can control the shade by washing it off sooner or later! It says to apply the product and wait 1 to 3 hours before washing off and it really does leave you with a lovely natural tan and fades so much more evenly then their other product! I’ll definitely be using this again and again…. I’ve left It on for 8 hours and after washing it off it still looked lovely! 🙂

Finally it’s Maybelline Eyebrow Satin for £5.99. I was a bit dubious at first with this product as I normally like pencils I can sharpen however this one you have to twist but It’s a really great size nib and I have plenty of control to be precise and not draw too thickly! The other side is a pointed sponge to blend the product If needed! This Is great and doesn’t blend too much that it takes the product off like some other similar products.

It comes in 3 different shades and the medium brown perfectly matches my brows, It glides on nicely and really does last!

So there you have it lovelies, What have you tried this week? Have you tried any of these? Or will you be now?


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