MAC Fix+


Oh MAC, how I love your products! However I think you’re confusing people….. now I was looking for a setting spray and when researching for one, MAC’S Prep and Prime Fix+ came up often, also with bad reviews on how terrible it was at setting make up and how it doesn’t ‘Fix’ it at all!

Welllll…… I don’t think this product deserves all the bad reviews because lovelies… it’s not a setting spray! I do think the name MAC have given it is quite misleading as it doesn’t do what you assume from it’s title and fix your make up!

So what is it for?

MAC’S Official Page states:

‘A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application.’

Ahh I see, so it’s a finishing spray! Does It have any other uses?

– Yesssss! MAC’S Fix+ can be used for:

– A finishing spray to reduce any ‘cakiness’

– A refreshing spritz

– Spritz on before you apply foundation for a smooth glowing base

– Spritz on your brushes before using pigments or shadows for a more dramatic colour.

– Spritz on your brushes before applying foundation for a lighter coverage

And many more…

So do I love this product?

Yessss! It’s especially great for me as I have such dry skin at the moment and the dewy glow I get from Fix+ after doing my make up I love! Also before I do my make up I spray this on my face and it creates a perfect base for my foundation to glide on smoothly.

This product comes in a 100ml bottle at Β£17, a travel size bottle is also available at a reduced price.

So what do you think? Have you ever used this product? Did you like it? Do you have any other uses for it?


19 thoughts on “MAC Fix+

  1. I’ve never tried this product. I’m not really a fan of setting spray, I always see it as uneccesary. I find a good primer and powder will keep your makeup on x

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  2. I have always loved Fix +. I can’t go without it, I constantly have refill bottles of it on hand hahah, have you seen the new flavors? I guess flavors isn’t the right word to use, but check them out!


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