How To: Daytime Smokey Eyes


It’s no secret how much I love a brown smokey eye with liquid eyeliner, however so many struggle with the precision eyeliner flick I’ve decided to show you a smudgy smokey look with a kohl pencil. This look can be worn for day or night and is sooo easy 🙂

First I use a primer on my lids, I am loving NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base for £19.50… your eye make up does not go anywhere with this stuff 😯 a.m.a.z.i.n.g! !! Of course there are cheaper alternatives out there like Rimmel’s Under Cover shadow primer for £4.99.


Next it’s time for a light coloured eyeshadow along the brow bone and a darker brown on the lids as a transition colour.


Now draw your eyeliner on with a kohl eyeliner pencil, this can be black or brown. (Tip: warm the tip of the pencil up by rubbing it on your hand before applying to the eye.. clean hands of course ;p). This line does not have to be neat as now it’s time to blend. Load a small eye shadow brush with an even darker shade of brown and smudge the eyeliner upwards, when the line isn’t prominent, use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner together creating a smokey eye look. Don’t forget to pop a little under the eyes too!

Here are the colours I’ve used from my MAC Amber Times Nine Palette . You can obviously use any 3 colours however for a day look or the more mature skin I’d recommend a matte shadow. I absolutely love this palette, all of MAC’S eyeshadows are so pigmented they are fabulous!!!


Now it’s time for lashings of mascara… This one from Maxfactor is my favourite everyday one at the mo! Hope you have a go lovelies, What do you think of this look?




Watch my first YouTube Video on how to create a day time smokey eye look…


51 thoughts on “How To: Daytime Smokey Eyes

  1. You do this so beautifully and effortlessly. But I’m seriously makeup illiterate, so this still seems so hard to me. I struggle with the placement of the eyeshadow and which brush to use. Would love a video!

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  2. Your eyes look gorgeous. I’ve always preferred using browns and taupes to black when creating a smokey eye look. Black can be harsh; brown is much more subtle – and sexy! Great turorial! Tx


  3. I am so clueless when it comes to makeup, I wish I could apply it without looking ridiculous. I do love this look though a brown smokey eye is much more wearable than most tutorials I see and you look beautiful as ever, I have serious eyebrow envy! haha! 🙂

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  4. I have never really known how to do a daytime eyeshadow look, so I never wear it during the day. Thanks for educating me and this will be put to good use with my Urban Decay Naked Palette when on holiday!

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