How To: Ombré Lips


According to Oxford Dictionaries ombré is defined as:

‘having tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.’
“a blue and white ombré silk shift”
French, past participle of ombrer ‘to shade’.
We’ve had Ombré Hair, Nails and now Lips! I’ve seen this trend all over Instagram and just had to try it myself, it’s so much more flattering than the traditional lined lips. The darker shades add definition and as the colour is blended out it creates the illusion of fuller lips. It was actually really hard to photograph and show the illusion as it really did just look as if the light was reflecting off, however the bigger the contrast between colours the more prominent the look is!
Step 1- Prep
If you have chapped lips I’d recommend buffing them before applying any lipstick for a flawless look! You can lightly scrub them with a toothbrush or use a lip scrub to brush off the dead skin, like Lush’s Bubblegum one here. Next it’s time to moisturise your lips, I’ve used good old Vaseline , a product EVERYONE should have in their make up kit or you could use a base like MAC’s PREP+PRIME LIPS  then with a light brush of powder, to really make the colour pop it’s time to get colourful!
Step 2- Lip Liner
When choosing the look you want I would recommend 2 versions of a similar colour however one dark shade and one light. For example Dark and Light Pink, Dark Green and Light Purple… not so much ;).
I start how I usually would line the lips traditionally, then I blend inwards with the pencil positioned on it’s side. Darker on the outside and minimal towards the middle of the lips.
With your finger, gently pat and smudge the colour closest to the inside of your lips to make the lines less harsh.
Step 3- Ombré Blend
I have chosen Maxfactors Lipstick in ‘Star Dust Pink’, using a lip brush I have blended the colour from the outside in trying not to get too much of the lip liner colour on the inner part of my lips.
So here you have it, I have rubbed my lips together once or twice and I haven’t, but you could finish off with a coat of clear Lipgloss and you’re done 🙂 This is quite a subtle version of the look but you can be as bold as you like.
Have you tried this look? Or will you now?

21 thoughts on “How To: Ombré Lips

  1. Interesting! I see that the ombre lips really give the lips more depth. I’ll have to try this. On another note, have you ever tried Egyptian Magic instead of Vaseline? My guess is that you’ll love it. When solid, it has a bit firmer texture, but when you rub it in your hands to apply, it goes on like Vaseline and the ingredients are much friendlier to your skin. It has olive oil, beeswax, honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract – no petroleum products. Many actresses list this as one of their favorites. Thanks!

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  2. I don’t remember the last time I wore lippy, but the husband asked if I wanted to go out next week and my make up bag got excited. Maybe it’s time to take a little more time and trying this out. Thanks, looks good.

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