Top Budget Foundations


My favourite full coverage foundation has to be Rimmel Long Lasting Finish Foundation I like a full coverage look and this works wonders! I’m also always looking for a foundation that can last a 12 hour shift and this so far has to be the most long lasting budget foundation out there… and I’ve tried A LOT of products! 25 hours… hmmm maybe not, on me anyway! I have combination skin and by the end of a 12 hour shift under my nose and my chin area the foundation has usually started to rub off. I can’t wear this every day as I have noticed I break out but every now and then if I need full coverage, on a night out or a day I want my make up to last this is the product for me! I haven’t found a budget foundation that covers my blemishes up like this one yet!

This foundation comes in 7 different shades and in most places is around £7.99 or even less!


If your looking for something slightly lighter I’d go for Maxfactor’s Colour Adapt Foundation It feels so silky on my skin and blends really nicely,whilst it doesn’t last as long as Rimmel’s Long Lasting Foundation it certainly feels kinder to my skin and doesn’t make me break out if I wear it for a few days in a row!

This comes in 5 shades and is around £9.99

What are your favourite budget foundations?


24 thoughts on “Top Budget Foundations

  1. I don’t wear a foundation – I wear a powder that comes with foundation. But recently, with the hot weather, I’ve started to notice that the foundation-powder leaves my skin looking quite patchy. I think I need to get separate powder and foundation, maybe the Rimmel one!

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  2. I struggle finding a shade light enough for me with budget foundations, although I have got Revlon Colorstay which is the lightest cheaper foundation I have ever bought. I wish I wasn’t so pale so I could take advantage of the rest of them!

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