Why Drive When You Can Cycle?


I recently bought a bike using the ‘Bike To Work Scheme’ and I’m so pleased with it :). The scheme is great for people like me who don’t have a spare £500 (I wish I did), It comes off of my wages and there are a few monthly amounts to choose from, the payments are taken out before tax too! I would say however if you do have the money or you are good at saving I’d go to an independent cycle shop as all the bikes are full price and you could probably get a better deal as they don’t do discounts on the scheme! Different companies allow you to get bikes from different stores, I got mine from Cycle Solutions, they have a great range of bikes and you can choose accessories on the scheme too! 🙂

Now I know not everyone can ride to work, but if you can why don’t you? Now I certainly won’t be doing it in the dark winters and when there’s that wet stuff falling from the sky but this time of year it’s lovely


I started my morning with a smoothie and off I went. Now we’re very lucky where I live, there’s fantastic cycle routes, when I lived in Oxford however it was a different story! I managed to beat my PB today yey!

So here are the benefits of cycling to work… it’s not rocket science! I get to work feeling awake and don’t have to grab a coffee immediately to boost me into work mode, it clears my mind, I’m burning calories, improving my health,  saving money and helping the environment! High five!


Don’t worry I polished my boots after admiring the state of them in this pic!

Now I just need to stop eating biscuits when I’m at work and resist when people bring cake in… nope that will never happen! I’m certainly no fitness freak and I think it’s too late to get that bikini body for this summer now but I might lose a few of those calories gained from giving up smoking!



8 thoughts on “Why Drive When You Can Cycle?

  1. The last company I worked for offered this scheme as well but I tend to change jobs whenever I find better opportunity so didn;t want to go for it especially that I might move out soon as well so it could be too far to bike.



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  2. I haven’t been on a bike for years, I don’t think I will until Rose is able to ride one. As I only live a short walk from my work it would make no sense for me to cycle there. I think riding a bike is an easy way to keep fit for those who don’t enjoy gyms, me being one of them.

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