Make Someone Smile

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m Miss Perfect, of course I have a moan every now and then and I’m not going to lie, I have made spitefully critical comments towards someone or behind their back.

But why? Is it to make us feel better about ourselves? Is it jealousy? Yes of course it is, we might not admit it, but who are we kidding?

I was lent against the mirror in the gym the other day, about to start my Les Mills Body attack class when a lady walked in wearing an outfit which was quite frankly terrible. Her rolls of fat were crammed into a pair of lycra leggings and her top was almost cutting off the blood supply to her underarm fat. Then she walked over all bubbly and said to me ‘oooh I love your trainers’. I politely thanked her then proceeded to feel like a complete bitch. Why was I judging this lady? As I looked at myself in the mirror there were hundreds of things I could comment on that I don’t like about myself, yet seeing a lady bigger than me made me feel better…..! How awful, I am a terrible person, but I don’t think I’m alone!

I have respect for this lady though! She struggled through the class but she worked so hard, here was a lady doing something about her weight, getting fit and improving her health and I’m judging her??


So I decided, before I start thinking about negative traits in people I will look for something to compliment them on instead! It actually makes me feel alot better about myself to see the smile on someone’s face after you tell them something nice instead of silently judging them because your jealous or unhappy with yourself.

So i’m challenging myself, every day I am going to compliment someone and see the good in people. Try it guys, make someone smile today.


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