The Eyeliner Flick


The eyeliner flick is a classic make up look I’ve been practicing since I started wearing make up, I always admired how my mum did it so neatly, so inspired by her I used the products she did.

I have found after trying so many different products out there, the application tool is the key to a perfect flick, there’s pencils, sponge tips, gels, but what I find the easiest is using a precision brush liquid eyeliner. My secret weapon to a neat long lasting eyeliner flick with the perfect brush is… Rimmel Glam’eyes. That so sounds like I’m in an advert for them >.<


First I start from the inside corner of my eye, I load the brush up with quite a lot of product, but not so much that there’s a thick blob at the end, then with a super steady hand I do a thin line from the inside to outside, gliding to about the centre. I always try and do it as thinly as I can so if you make a mistake you can just make it slightly thicker.. but not so thick that you look like this…


Here’s a pic of the brush, It’s so much more precise than a sponge liquid eyeliner tip.


Next I brush the product from the centre to the corner of my eye, when I’m happy with the size of my line I do the flick, this is done from the outside inwards where I blend the line together.

I finish the look off by using a pencil underneath the eyes and on the lash line, then a super sharp pencil for the inner corner.

And there you have it, lashings of mascara and voila! This look can be adapted in so many ways, during the day I wear a thin line of eyeliner just on the top as it lasts a long time and pencil eyeliner tends to smudge throughout the day. For an evening look I love to wear it underneath too and it works over any eyeshadow!

Practice, practice, practice lovelies!

TOP TIP: With a thin eyeshadow brush add matte black eyeshadow to the bottom pencil line for a longer lasting look.


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12 thoughts on “The Eyeliner Flick

  1. I totally agree with you. The secret to perfecting a feline flick is the tool. I recently discovered the Bourjois Erasable Liner. It too is a precision liquid liner. It has a ‘rubber’ at one end, so you can erase any mistakes. Your flick is perfection! Tx

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