So I saw a Psychic…

So I saw a psychic recently…. I know what you’re thinking! 😉 I’m not sure how much I believe… However I kind of wanted to believe and actually a lot of what she said did make me raise my eyebrows! I tried so hard to be neutral, to not give her any clues. I guess a lot of it was assumptions and some things she’s predicted I wonder if they will ever happen through the power of suggestion, which actually isn’t such a bad thing for some of what she predicted! However I found myself feeling quite disappointed when  some things she predicted did not happen!! Like our house move, which was delayed by months however she predicted we wouldn’t move until mid next year…. now obviously I’m so thankful her prediction wasn’t correct however it made me sceptical about all the other things she said, even though I was feeling kind of hopeful after the session. There were some things she said though which made me listen closely, you couldn’t have guessed It.. then I started to wonder if she had stalked me on Facebook to find out about my life, I hadn’t given my full name to her though.

So overall I’m not so sure about the whole pyscic thing… I’ll let you know if any of what she said comes true though 😉


I do however want to chat about the law of attraction. I’m sure some of you have heard about this, or read the popular book ‘The Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne. If you don’t know what this ‘law’ is, here’s a simple explanation. The law of attraction is the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts you attract these emotions into your life, it seems quite simple right? Now some of you are using the law of attraction but don’t even realise it. The fun part about it is you can potentially change your life and attract things into it, there’s also some substantial scientific basis behind it, if you want to do a bit of research and are interested or even sceptical. So many celebrities are using this theory and now talking about, here’s a video of someone you’ll recognise talking about it (I love this guy).

So I’ve used this to attract a lot in my life, but recently I’ve been very negative about things and It’s been hard to stay focused and positive, as those close to me know. But that stops today. So have a look into this, there’s so many books and videos surrounding this idea. You may think it’s silly, but have a look around you… how did others get what they wanted in life, be cautious of the feelings, words, actions and thoughts you use…

images (2)

Here’s the first 20 minutes of the secret.. the videos slightly cheesy but try to be open minded… I don’t know about you, but to me.. it’s quite simple.


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