Top Budget Foundations


My favourite full coverage foundation has to be Rimmel Long Lasting Finish Foundation I like a full coverage look and this works wonders! I’m also always looking for a foundation that can last a 12 hour shift and this so far has to be the most long lasting budget foundation out there… and I’ve tried A LOT of products! 25 hours… hmmm maybe not, on me anyway! I have combination skin and by the end of a 12 hour shift under my nose and my chin area the foundation has usually started to rub off. I can’t wear this every day as I have noticed I break out but every now and then if I need full coverage, on a night out or a day I want my make up to last this is the product for me! I haven’t found a budget foundation that covers my blemishes up like this one yet!

This foundation comes in 7 different shades and in most places is around £7.99 or even less!


If your looking for something slightly lighter I’d go for Maxfactor’s Colour Adapt Foundation It feels so silky on my skin and blends really nicely,whilst it doesn’t last as long as Rimmel’s Long Lasting Foundation it certainly feels kinder to my skin and doesn’t make me break out if I wear it for a few days in a row!

This comes in 5 shades and is around £9.99

What are your favourite budget foundations?


Why Drive When You Can Cycle?


I recently bought a bike using the ‘Bike To Work Scheme’ and I’m so pleased with it :). The scheme is great for people like me who don’t have a spare £500 (I wish I did), It comes off of my wages and there are a few monthly amounts to choose from, the payments are taken out before tax too! I would say however if you do have the money or you are good at saving I’d go to an independent cycle shop as all the bikes are full price and you could probably get a better deal as they don’t do discounts on the scheme! Different companies allow you to get bikes from different stores, I got mine from Cycle Solutions, they have a great range of bikes and you can choose accessories on the scheme too! 🙂

Now I know not everyone can ride to work, but if you can why don’t you? Now I certainly won’t be doing it in the dark winters and when there’s that wet stuff falling from the sky but this time of year it’s lovely


I started my morning with a smoothie and off I went. Now we’re very lucky where I live, there’s fantastic cycle routes, when I lived in Oxford however it was a different story! I managed to beat my PB today yey!

So here are the benefits of cycling to work… it’s not rocket science! I get to work feeling awake and don’t have to grab a coffee immediately to boost me into work mode, it clears my mind, I’m burning calories, improving my health,  saving money and helping the environment! High five!


Don’t worry I polished my boots after admiring the state of them in this pic!

Now I just need to stop eating biscuits when I’m at work and resist when people bring cake in… nope that will never happen! I’m certainly no fitness freak and I think it’s too late to get that bikini body for this summer now but I might lose a few of those calories gained from giving up smoking!



Make Someone Smile

Now I’m not going to pretend I’m Miss Perfect, of course I have a moan every now and then and I’m not going to lie, I have made spitefully critical comments towards someone or behind their back.

But why? Is it to make us feel better about ourselves? Is it jealousy? Yes of course it is, we might not admit it, but who are we kidding?

I was lent against the mirror in the gym the other day, about to start my Les Mills Body attack class when a lady walked in wearing an outfit which was quite frankly terrible. Her rolls of fat were crammed into a pair of lycra leggings and her top was almost cutting off the blood supply to her underarm fat. Then she walked over all bubbly and said to me ‘oooh I love your trainers’. I politely thanked her then proceeded to feel like a complete bitch. Why was I judging this lady? As I looked at myself in the mirror there were hundreds of things I could comment on that I don’t like about myself, yet seeing a lady bigger than me made me feel better…..! How awful, I am a terrible person, but I don’t think I’m alone!

I have respect for this lady though! She struggled through the class but she worked so hard, here was a lady doing something about her weight, getting fit and improving her health and I’m judging her??


So I decided, before I start thinking about negative traits in people I will look for something to compliment them on instead! It actually makes me feel alot better about myself to see the smile on someone’s face after you tell them something nice instead of silently judging them because your jealous or unhappy with yourself.

So i’m challenging myself, every day I am going to compliment someone and see the good in people. Try it guys, make someone smile today.


The Eyeliner Flick


The eyeliner flick is a classic make up look I’ve been practicing since I started wearing make up, I always admired how my mum did it so neatly, so inspired by her I used the products she did.

I have found after trying so many different products out there, the application tool is the key to a perfect flick, there’s pencils, sponge tips, gels, but what I find the easiest is using a precision brush liquid eyeliner. My secret weapon to a neat long lasting eyeliner flick with the perfect brush is… Rimmel Glam’eyes. That so sounds like I’m in an advert for them >.<


First I start from the inside corner of my eye, I load the brush up with quite a lot of product, but not so much that there’s a thick blob at the end, then with a super steady hand I do a thin line from the inside to outside, gliding to about the centre. I always try and do it as thinly as I can so if you make a mistake you can just make it slightly thicker.. but not so thick that you look like this…


Here’s a pic of the brush, It’s so much more precise than a sponge liquid eyeliner tip.


Next I brush the product from the centre to the corner of my eye, when I’m happy with the size of my line I do the flick, this is done from the outside inwards where I blend the line together.

I finish the look off by using a pencil underneath the eyes and on the lash line, then a super sharp pencil for the inner corner.

And there you have it, lashings of mascara and voila! This look can be adapted in so many ways, during the day I wear a thin line of eyeliner just on the top as it lasts a long time and pencil eyeliner tends to smudge throughout the day. For an evening look I love to wear it underneath too and it works over any eyeshadow!

Practice, practice, practice lovelies!

TOP TIP: With a thin eyeshadow brush add matte black eyeshadow to the bottom pencil line for a longer lasting look.


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Weekly Beauty Picks #1


My top beauty picks at the moment are these lovely products, Schwarzkopf (wow that’s hard to spell) Essence Ultime Omega Repair Shampoo, with a picture of Claudia Schiffer’s face on it and MAC’S tinted Lipglass, in the colour C-THRU.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Schwarzkopf, I like the got2b range and when I used to colour my hair myself I’d only ever us LIVE XXL. So why do I love this shampoo so much? I don’t know what it is but when you rub it in to your hair it just feels lovely and when I’ve blow-dried it after using this range, it always feels so full of volume! It smells delicious too! According to the website it has a unique combination of pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin. One thing I found very interesting when looking at their website and don’t laugh at me if you think I should know this already but did you know pearls are the only gem created from a living organism? They come from a tiny grain of sand penetrating an oyster core and as a defence mechanism the oyster produces layers and layers of mother pearl… well every day’s a school day! They also do this shampoo in other ranges, there’s a blonde one which I’ve tried, but I still prefer how this one makes my hair look and feel! The shampoo is around £5 however often I’ve bought them on offer. The stockists according to the website are Asda, Waitrose and Superdrug, I’m sure I’ve bought it from Tesco before but that is what the website says!

Ooh and I just love Claudia’s top tip on the back of the bottle…. I’m confused… is that a tip?


If you want to find out more about the range, check the website out below.

So… favourite product number 2! We all know what a big fan I am of MAC products and here’s one of favourites at the mo! MAC lipglass’s are loveeeeely! They smell absolutely delicious and feel so lush on your lips. There’s quite a range of colour’s they come in… I want them all! Currently my fav is pictured above (C-THRU) I love a nude lip! You can wear them over lip pencil, lipstick or just on their own, I would make sure your lips are primed before you pop it on for a perfectly smooth look. It lasts a fair time and is really pigmented and contains Jojoba Oil which helps soften and condition your lips. On MAC’s official website the cost is £14.50, you can also buy the product at various MAC stores and make up counters in department stores and airports! Here’s a pic of me wearing C-THRU


Here’s a few of my new purchases too



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Permanent Make Up… Ouch!


So today I had my first experience of a tattoo…. on my eye lids!!! What was I thinking?? Ok it wasn’t that bad, no wait it was..In fact I’m trying very hard to not stick this caramel magnum I’m eating currently on my eyes because I think it would be really soothing… slightly strange if someone was to see me doing it but that’s fine because I think it would feel sooo good!

I had recently signed up to be a model at my local permanent make up training centre and only the week after doing so they called me to see if I’d be interested in having an eyeliner treatment done…obviously I said yes because I was intrigued and I love free things! My appointment was at 10.30am and I walked upstairs to the training centre to be greeted by the staff and given a 10 page document signing my life away and promising not to sue these people if I become blind or poked in the eye with a needle… yes a needle!! Now call me naïve or plain stupid but I have to be honest I didn’t realise they use the same implement that is used to do general tattooing!

So I picked my colour, there was quite a selection actually, I went for ‘almost grey’, it was a kind of dark grey/black colour, she explained the pigment is 50% darker when the treatment is first done and over time it would fade. You also get to choose whether you’d prefer a liquid eyeliner look or a pencil style, I went for liquid. It was explained to me as this was a bronze level course the look they were practicing was a basic ‘lash enhancer’ just a fine line on the top and bottom.. oh and this was their first time using the tattoo pen…. ever!!! They start with placing the numbing cream on your upper and lower eyelids, the fumes were quite strong and made my eyes water a little but nothing I couldn’t handle. Next they placed a pencil line on my bottom lids, to make a guide… then the pen comes out! The pen used had 3 tiny needles, between the trainer and the student they both scratched my eyelid to break the skin and added pigment to the area…. ouch! The numbing cream worked for like 10 minutes, they did re apply it but by the end of the procedure my eyes were sore and I really felt it :(! It was nearing the end and then they cracked out the 1 needle piece for the pen…..oh. no. I felt that! Am I selling this to you yet? 😉 So here’s the end result..


This was a few hours after… no eye make up allowed on for four days!!! Not amused!! I’m happy with the result, the whole traumatic procedure lasted 2 hours but I must admit I was quite worried when the student doing my procedure was starting to get obviously stressed by the pressure and after thanking me afterwards she apologised for coming across a bit nervous and said she was just very aware of how some serious damage could be done if she were to make a wrong move…. I’m glad she said that after the treatment!! I felt like saying and maybe I should have said, if your not confident, fake it! Because at least if you pretend to be confident and act like you’re not nervous even when your really scared inside it will put your client at ease, I wasn’t nervous until she said to the trainer ‘I’m having trouble seeing the needle to see if I’m in deep enough’ can you imagine my face, well I couldn’t change my facial expression as she was stretching the skin around my eyes and had a needle very close to my iris but If I could.. it would look similar to this expression..


Right, time to put my soothing balm on (which smells lovely) and get some beauty sleep, they actually look more swollen hours afterwards, but aren’t too sore, just very sensitive! Am I going to go back for my top up in 6 weeks…. what do you think?



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So I saw a Psychic…

So I saw a psychic recently…. I know what you’re thinking! 😉 I’m not sure how much I believe… However I kind of wanted to believe and actually a lot of what she said did make me raise my eyebrows! I tried so hard to be neutral, to not give her any clues. I guess a lot of it was assumptions and some things she’s predicted I wonder if they will ever happen through the power of suggestion, which actually isn’t such a bad thing for some of what she predicted! However I found myself feeling quite disappointed when  some things she predicted did not happen!! Like our house move, which was delayed by months however she predicted we wouldn’t move until mid next year…. now obviously I’m so thankful her prediction wasn’t correct however it made me sceptical about all the other things she said, even though I was feeling kind of hopeful after the session. There were some things she said though which made me listen closely, you couldn’t have guessed It.. then I started to wonder if she had stalked me on Facebook to find out about my life, I hadn’t given my full name to her though.

So overall I’m not so sure about the whole pyscic thing… I’ll let you know if any of what she said comes true though 😉


I do however want to chat about the law of attraction. I’m sure some of you have heard about this, or read the popular book ‘The Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne. If you don’t know what this ‘law’ is, here’s a simple explanation. The law of attraction is the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts you attract these emotions into your life, it seems quite simple right? Now some of you are using the law of attraction but don’t even realise it. The fun part about it is you can potentially change your life and attract things into it, there’s also some substantial scientific basis behind it, if you want to do a bit of research and are interested or even sceptical. So many celebrities are using this theory and now talking about, here’s a video of someone you’ll recognise talking about it (I love this guy).

So I’ve used this to attract a lot in my life, but recently I’ve been very negative about things and It’s been hard to stay focused and positive, as those close to me know. But that stops today. So have a look into this, there’s so many books and videos surrounding this idea. You may think it’s silly, but have a look around you… how did others get what they wanted in life, be cautious of the feelings, words, actions and thoughts you use…

images (2)

Here’s the first 20 minutes of the secret.. the videos slightly cheesy but try to be open minded… I don’t know about you, but to me.. it’s quite simple.


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