Hello world! Well isn’t this exciting, I’m writing a blog! I have such a headache from trying to work out WordPress, but less of a headache then when I was using blogger (which is apparently easier… no no nooo). Hopefully overtime If I manage not to smash the laptop out of frustration…. like this guy

my blog might improve and people might actually like it and follow me (just online please)!

So as some of you are aware I’ve recently set up a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter (I so don’t get that) and email address under the name of ‘Rebeccaannmua’…. which if you didn’t know is my real name (Rebecca Ann)… and MUA stands for ‘Make up artist’ which is a new career I’ve decided to explore on the side.

My friends and family are well aware I never stay on one road for very long. As a child I wanted to be simply… ‘famous’ (lol) and studied Performing Arts , I then became a ‘young mum’ to a beautiful little princess. Dance teacher was my next occupation and then I decided to get into healthcare, working for the Ambulance Service…. and now I want to make people feel pretty :). In fact I’ve always enjoyed playing with hair and make up and friends are always asking me to do theirs before a night out, however never thought seriously about actually making a career out of it… I don’t know why because I’ve always wanted a career which doesn’t feel like work and I think I may have finally found it!

But anyway, It’s very early days but I plan on going on quite a few courses and I’m going to use this blog to document my journey, talk about random topics which interest me and review some products for you.

Thanks for reading my first blog post and apologies for my Grace C GCSE English. Time to try and get some rest for my first night shift of the week, for anyone who works shifts will know this day is not a fun day. Please think of me whilst I try and sleep, then count down the hours until my shift starts as I don’t sleep.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my latest goodies 🙂



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